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How To Become an Industry-Leading Personal Trainer

by Meaghan posted August 8, 2017

Today we have a guest post from Tyler Read, creator of a great site for personal trainers and aspiring trainers called


Hey everyone and welcome to my infographic on how to become a personal trainer. I will be going over all of the major points that you need to check off in order to become a qualified personal trainer. Overall, there are essentially nine steps that you need to accomplish  in order to begin your  career in one of the most sought-after jobs in the world.

Before we jump right into the infographic, I would like to touch upon the importance of the step #6: Get hands-on experience. As a person that has seen countless personal trainers begin their careers, this is one of the things that is significantly lacking in the traditional exercise education process. I have seen dozens of people get off to a bad start due to the fact that, although they may have exercise science degrees, they have little to no practical experience working with clients. All they really have at this point is the book knowledge they have obtained through study and perhaps a certification.

There are a variety of ways to gain practical experience before you train your first real client but, in my opinion, the best way to gain real-world experience is to attend a live personal training school.  Here you will be working with industry-leading professionals that will mold you into a fantastic personal trainer before you work with your first client.  You will learn how to avoid all of the beginning personal trainer mistakes without having to go through them yourself when there is money and your job on the line!

The personal trainers who graduate from vocational personal training schools are much more prepared for real-life situations than people who have simply studied for a certification exam. This is why I recommend vocational schools such as Focus Personal Training Institute (FPTI). They not only teach you what you need to know to pass the gold standard of personal trainer certifications (NASM) but also provide you the practical hands-on experience that will put you above the rest right from the start. If you want to become an elite-level personal trainer, starting off on the right foot is more than crucial.

For the “tl;dr” folks, here’s the infographic (click to enlarge!):

Pro 173 The Ultimate Guide on Why and How to Become a Personal T


Team Focus Wins the Starting Strength Challenge National Title!

by Meaghan posted April 28, 2016

The Focus team was ECSTATIC last Sunday when Starting Strength Challenge organizer, Dana Varrone, announced that we had won the Long Island City meet title for the SECOND year in a row.

Focus Team wins!

Coach Brent Carter did an amazing job coaching us along the way and judging the event; and, little did he know, he’d soon have even more reason to be proud.

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FPTI on the Today Show!

by Meaghan posted June 17, 2014

Check out FPTI featured on TODAY this morning!


And you can find the article HERE.

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