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Employer Spotlight: Rafique Cabral, Trooper Fitness

by Meaghan posted July 28, 2017

With another Career Fair just around the corner, today we have another Employer Spotlight: Former FocusNYC trainer Rafique Cabral, who now owns the rapidly growing Trooper Fitness.


Here’s what Rafique had to say about FPTI students:

What is it about FPTI students that makes them great employees?

FPTI students have a strong fundamental understanding of how to approach programming and how to COACH, which obviously gives them a huge advantage in the fitness field. They also know how to create great interpersonal relationships and build community.

If there’s one thing that the Trooper team has excelled at, it’s been building community. They had the biggest turnout of any team at the recent City Challenge Obstacle Race!

Trooper City Challenge


What opportunities are unique to Trooper that entice trainers/group instructors to want to work for you?

The unique thing about Trooper is that since we are still in our start-up phase, there is huge potential for growth beyond just group and personal training – including management, marketing, program development and more.  


What advice would you give to an FPTI graduate seeking a job in the health and fitness industry as a new personal trainer/group instructor?

My advice is to always keep bettering yourself at your craft, regardless of your stage of development. As well, always be willing to share what you know.


Great advice, there. There is always more to learn, and developing others will pay back dividends in the long run.

Thanks, Rafique!

Meet the Veterans of FPTI’s Advanced Concepts Class!

by Meaghan posted November 11, 2016

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Men’s Fitness interviewed 8 of FPTI‘s current Veteran students.

Now that Focus offers funding through the GI Bill, we’ve welcomed an increase in Veterans looking to start the next chapter of their lives. Check out THE ARTICLE to learn more about how our Veteran students are taking to the Master Course program, their career aspirations, and experience transitioning back to civilian life.

Interviewing 101: What to Do…and NOT to Do

by Meaghan posted October 27, 2016

It’s about that time of the semester again: Next week, FPTI students will get the chance to network with many of NYC’s top fitness employers as they gather on our training floor for the quarterly FPTI Career Fair. They’ve been working hard with our faculty this week to get their resumes organized, with the goal, of course, being to set up interviews for internships or jobs in the weeks to follow.

That said, we figured it’d be a good idea to reinforce some essential interview dos and don’ts.





After all, a polished cover letter and resume may get you an interview, but a solid interview is what ultimately lands you the job.

So, here are a few important things to consider when preparing for an interview in the fitness industry:

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5 Essential Interview Tips

by Meaghan posted September 8, 2016

Well, we’re getting ready to wind down yet another class here at FPTI. I can hardly believe it’s been 5 years since we started! Classes have continually grown and, by now, we’re sending A LOT of prospective trainers out into the field. Our improved career services are largely to thank for our increasingly high job placement rates, including the recent addition of mock interviews in our curriculum.

I ran the following post a while back but it seems fitting to run it again now as many of our students are currently interviewing – either for actual jobs or for their second semester internships. SO, here are a few tips from Focus Integrated Fitness employers, Joe Masiello and Gabe Valencia, and FPTI Placement Coordinator, Brent Carter, on how best to prepare for interviews:

1. Make a good first impression. Your potential employer is assessing whether you are a good candidate before you ever open your mouth. What does your posture say about your confidence? Do you have a warm smile? Are you dressed appropriately? Do you have a firm handshake? Make sure you start off on the right foot by asking yourself these questions.

2. Do your research. Do some digging and find out about the company. This not only shows initiative but attention to detail. It says you have a vested interest in the company and are likely to work hard for it.

3. Be concise. Listen to the questions and answer thoughtfully in a quick, honest fashion. There are few things worse than an interviewee who goes off on a tangent and rambles about things that are not relevant.


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Employer Spotlight: Interview with Josh Feldman of Crunch Fitness

by Meaghan posted October 8, 2015

FPTI Student Placement Coordinator, Brent Carter recently sat down with Crunch Fitness District Manager, Josh Feldman.



Read on to see what Josh had to say about FPTI students and working for Crunch:

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First FPTI Career Fair Was a Hit!

by Meaghan posted November 24, 2014

We held our very first Career Fair for students last Wednesday afternoon and it was a huge success!

Full house at Focus!


After several weeks of gaining knowledge, technical skills AND professionalism (via help with writing resumes and cover letters, interview prep, etc.), FPTI’s Master Course and Theory and Application students seeking jobs and internships got all dressed up to network with recruiters from New York City’s top gyms. They were especially excited to see FPTI alumni there now representing fitness management!

FPTI alum Marvin is now a Fitness Manager at Crunch!

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Employer Spotlight: Jorge Unigarro, Equinox

by Meaghan posted November 3, 2014

For all of our students, potential students and student alumni, today we have a quick Q&A with Jorge Unigarro (left), Personal Training Manager at Equinox, 33rd and Park, NYC:



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Brace Yourselves…Tracy Anderson is Targeting Men Now Too

by Meaghan posted April 13, 2014

The other day, we looked at some up-and-coming fitness equipment in a post entitled, “Useful Tools or Just More Toys?”

Today, enter one of the industry’s most useless tools:

But she’s not just targeting women anymore. She now has a new “men’s only” method of training… because, you know, it’s also important for men not to overdevelop. Right now, it’s all about being ‘skinny ripped.’ Men want to be panthers. Didn’t you know?

For years, Tracy Anderson has been telling the world that when women lift heavy, they look like this:


Good thing we kept her around long enough to inform us that guys shouldn’t lift so much either, because they really want this:


And Tracy can make it happen.




Among the other ridiculous things Ms. Anderson says in this interview are:

1. “I probably actually set a gold standard of what it takes to set a real fitness method. I did a five-year research study with 150 women and measured them every 10 days and I created original content and sequencing for each of them and navigated them..I wasn’t measuring BMI or typical measurements. I was measuring based on the idea of how to create balance where there is imbalance in the body…They knew they were guinea pigs…This was in Indiana.”

If measuring an idea based on navigating guinea pigs in Indiana is the gold standard of a fitness method, this industry is in big trouble. I either want to quit my job or work exponentially harder to shut down such nonsense – not sure which.


2. “Your body has no idea what the hell to do with the soda, so this floats through your body, and it stores it as inflammation, which is a very important word that needs to be understood correctly.”

Huh?? Things do not get “stored” as inflammation. Inflammation occurs early in the healing process and is triggered by injury or when the body perceives invasion by a foreign agent. And yes, Ms. Anderson, people should understand this correctly… For some reason, Alanis Morissette just started playing in my head.



And her biggest fallacy yet:

3. “Our muscles and our brains are the only tools we have.”

Not true. We also have you, Ms. Anderson.

5 Reasons You Need to Up Your Education

by Meaghan posted February 5, 2013

Last week, PTontheNET ran a great interview with Tom Purvis, a 30-year educator in the fitness industry. I highly encourage you to read the full article, but here are some of Tom’s take-home points – and 5 reasons you need to up your education if you want to succeed as a personal trainer:

1. You have to be worth it. The personal training field may be growing at a rate of 24% per year, but that doesn’t mean people will pay for lesser service. On the contrary, the more trainers there are to choose from, the pickier clients can be. As Tom says, “If people want to be successful in personal training, they need to give their clients several things: 100% of their attention, customized exercises that are specific to joint integrity and specific to a joint’s active range of motion, and muscular tension-generating capabilities.” Well, this takes a foundation of knowledge that only comes through education. The days are gone when personal trainers can get away with just counting reps and yelling.

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Sports Rehab to Sports Performance

by Meaghan posted January 16, 2013

In case anyone hadn’t heard, Joe Heiler’s Annual Sports Rehab to Sports Performance Teleseminar kicked off last night with one of my favorite speakers: Dan John.

In addition to one of his big areas of focus – goal-setting (“The goal is to keep the goal THE GOAL!”) – Dan discussed progressions of our six basic movement patterns. Here’s a glimpse:


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