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Alumni-Turned-Employer Spotlight: Ryan Heffernan

by Meaghan posted October 4, 2016

Today, we have an interview with FPTI alum and Focus Integrated Fitness Personal Training Manager, Ryan Heffernan.


When did you graduate from FPTI?

I graduated in December 2012 and was immediately hired by Focus Integrated Fitness.

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Alumni Spotlight: Eliana Abittan

by Meaghan posted May 24, 2016

Eliana Abittan graduated at the top of her class at FPTI and excelled as an intern at FocusNYC. Read on to see how she’s built upon a solid foundation and continues to excel as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor!


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Student-turned-Employer Spotlight: Carter Berry, Equinox

by Meaghan posted March 29, 2016

Carter Berry is one of a select few Focus alumni who has grown from top trainer to manager in a well-respected setting, and in a matter of just a few years.


Carter Berry


Read on to find out how his FPTI education helped pave his path and why he now seeks out Focus alumni to work for him.

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Alumni Spotlight: Dave Degenhardt

by Meaghan posted March 16, 2016

After leaving a steady career in the corporate world, Dave Degenhardt is living a personal trainer’s dream: He now enjoys both the stability of part-time employment and the reward of owning a growing fitness business – and after only several short months in the industry. Read on to find out how he became successful so quickly.


Dave D


When did you graduate from FPTI? 

I graduated in April 2014 from the FPTI Master Course.


What exactly are you doing now in the fitness industry?

I am an NSCA-CPT  and owner of Fenomenal Fitness, LLC, where I train clients in Jersey City and Hoboken.  I am also a personal trainer at Robert Wood Johnson Rahway Fitness & Wellness in Scotch Plains, NJ.

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Alumni Spotlight: Michael Shipper

by Meaghan posted January 7, 2016

I mentioned recently that we’d be doing more alumni profiles this year. Well, here is our first!

See what FPTI grad Michael Shipper is up to now and how his experience at FPTI helped him start a successful and rewarding business with special needs kids.


Mike Shipper


When did you graduate from FPTI?

I graduated from FPTI’s Theory and Application course one year ago (December, 2014) – so what I’m about to share with you is a recap of what I’ve accomplished within just this past year. Hopefully, my story can help current and future FPTI students to achieve their goals and dreams.


What made you decide to become a personal trainer?

I remember very vividly waking up on a Monday in mid-August 2014 and just deciding that I was not going to go to work. I’d had enough! Seven grueling years of finance had taken its toll on my mind and my heart.

I had given it my all, but I couldn’t give an ounce more. I had built a nice book of clients (the money was good), but I was missing one major aspect in my life and that was the love of what I was doing. I thought I had a career because I would travel, wear custom suits, provide a room full of dentists and physicians with a presentation, and then eventually sell them financial products; in reality, it was just a job to me. I didn’t love what I was doing. I knew I had to make a change.


Why did you choose  FPTI to get you started?

I did my research before signing up with Focus. I interviewed at a few other schools in the NYC area, but FPTI proved superior. Focus provides both in-class and hands-on (practical) training whereas the other schools only taught from a textbook. This was the deciding factor for me. I’m a kinesthetic learner. I learn best when I’m hands-on and having this dual learning atmosphere was key.


What exactly are you doing now in the fitness industry?

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