A small group of thoughtful people could change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead

Welcome to FitnessMash!

So, who are we and what are we all about?

We are a team of personal trainers from FocusNYC who created FitnessMash in response to the endless supply of conflicting fitness information floating around, making it difficult for fitness enthusiasts and even trainers to separate fact from fad. What’s worse is that these inconsistencies are reinforced by media and put into practice. Well, we’re on a mission to change that; to remove the crap and redefine fitness as what it really is: An art form grounded in science.

Since starting this blog, we have increased our ability to carry out our mission by starting and growing Focus Personal Training Institute, a state-licensed and nationally accredited vocational school for aspiring personal trainers with a desire to improve the profession. The entire Focus community is now working hard and working together to use the science of exercise to motivate, inspire and effect positive change, as well as educate and develop personal trainers who demonstrate technical proficiency, integrity and professionalism.

We’re here to hype what you won’t find anywhere else: The truth. We preach exactly what we teach: Only that which has been scientifically validated and/or credible based on our years of experience. So, we invite you to follow us for up-to-date fitness information, health- and career-related news, and perhaps even a few laughs as we embark on our journey through the blogosphere.

Regarding that last point, we also want to list a few disclaimers for our followers. We’re hoping our explanations here will prevent any misunderstandings, Internet bashings, death threats, etc… Read them carefully, and then you can mash.

1. Don’t get turned off by our tagline. Yes, we’re smart and proud of it. But we’re not arrogant. We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t know everything. What I can say is that we’ve learned a lot from experience because we’ve made our own mistakes along the way. We continue to learn from our more experienced leaders, and we study their ever-evolving research. But our goal isn’t to use big words to show off how edumucated we are. We only wish to teach you what we once didn’t know either, and in a way you’ll understand.

2. Take what we say seriously…sometimes. Just because we’re smart doesn’t mean we’re uptight. We joke around – a lot! But don’t get the wrong idea. We will never post something we don’t stand by, and we can always provide evidence for our claims. We are extremely passionate about the fitness industry and we take our jobs very seriously…except, of course, when a shot is in order.

3. Prepare to be amused. (Hint: See tip #2.) Your chuckles may occasionally come at the expense of others, but we’re not purposely trying to offend anyone. That’s just a fortunate side effect.

4. Stir the pot.

Who says you have to agree with everything we say? That would be boring. If your opinion differs, it’s wrong! Just kidding. That was one of those joke things again… Are you amused yet? If you have opposing thoughts about something we publish, you better post a comment. And if you agree, speak up even louder.

5. Prepare to get mashed. There’s nothing we love more than arguing our case. Moreover, we’re good at it. If you can’t take the heat, don’t start a fire. But if you care to engage in rational, friendly discourse, we welcome your input.

So without further ado, let’s mash!