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New Blood Pressure Guidelines: Good or Bad?

by Meaghan posted November 17, 2017

As you probably heard, the American Heart Association recently changed the way they categorize blood pressure and what constitutes hypertension.


Long story short, the number that officially qualifies as “high” blood pressure (a.k.a. ‘hypertension’) has been lowered from 140 to 130 with the (purported?) hopes that people will take action to lower it sooner rather than waiting until the health risks (namely, heart attack and stroke) are more pronounced.

But is this really what we think will happen? Moreover, is it really the intent of the change?

Many worry that we’ll see an influx of people being put on medication – similar to what happened when the AMA declared obesity a disease a few years ago – and some even think that this is what’s really behind the change: an obvious conspiracy by Big Pharma.

What do you think? Are the new guidelines likely to produce positive changes in health-related behavior, or push more people to medicate?

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