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Good and Bad in NYC Fitness Today

by Meaghan posted July 13, 2017

I know some people like to hear the bad news first to get it out of the way, but I believe in starting with a positive. That said, here are some recent good and bad goings-on in the fitness industry, starting with what should be a GREAT upcoming presentation:

Tony G in NYC

Topics include, but are not limited to:

– Upper & Lower Extremity Assessment;
– Self Determination Theory (building autonomy, competency, and relatedness) and how it applies to your clients; and
– Deadlifts. Because, deadlifts!

Sign up HERE.

I’ve always been a big fan of Tony Gentilcore, both as a coach and a writer (he has a great blog on his site). I’ve also always been a big fan of deadlifts. Because, deadlifts.

Anyway, it’s great to see one of Boston’s finest strength coaches traveling to NYC to share his insights. It’s also great to see gyms like Crunch embracing education more. Whether it be via bringing in outside presenters or starting an internship program to take on our Master Course students at FPTI, the field is definitely improving.

In fact, we’re starting to bring our education initiatives into other gyms upon request as well. My co-instructor for our Advanced Concepts course and Starting Strength Coach, Brent Carter, recently presented for the staff at TMPL gym, and I’ll be visiting Clay next week for another presentation. Very exciting!

It’s also been great to see the Mental Meatheads group presenting again with another workshop coming up this fall in Cincinnati. Chip Conrad and the legendary Dan John did a great job last fall when we hosted them here at FPTI. Special thanks to Chip for spending some extra time with our students, emphasizing the importance of developing a training philosophy that you believe in and sharing his:


Some of our students are also starting to influence the field. Shout out to Mo Widdi for his recent interview with the Today Show!

And then there’s Tracy Anderson… I know none of MY students support this:


In fact, several of them are not being shy about voicing their opposition (proud teacher right here). Though some women swear by her methods, Tracy Anderson remains without credentials or efficacious methods, despite the fact that she has celebrity clients like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Anyone else remember when Gwyneth was diagnosed with osteopenia (low bone mineral density) in her 30s because she wasn’t allowed to eat or lift anything heavier than three-pound dumbbells? Yeah… Great job, Tracy.

Interesting to read about an unbiased visitor’s experience, though. Check it out HERE.

It’ll be interesting to hear what Tony G has to say about this next weekend…

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