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Employer Spotlight: Rafique Cabral, Trooper Fitness

by Meaghan posted July 28, 2017

With another Career Fair just around the corner, today we have another Employer Spotlight: Former FocusNYC trainer Rafique Cabral, who now owns the rapidly growing Trooper Fitness.


Here’s what Rafique had to say about FPTI students:

What is it about FPTI students that makes them great employees?

FPTI students have a strong fundamental understanding of how to approach programming and how to COACH, which obviously gives them a huge advantage in the fitness field. They also know how to create great interpersonal relationships and build community.

If there’s one thing that the Trooper team has excelled at, it’s been building community. They had the biggest turnout of any team at the recent City Challenge Obstacle Race!

Trooper City Challenge


What opportunities are unique to Trooper that entice trainers/group instructors to want to work for you?

The unique thing about Trooper is that since we are still in our start-up phase, there is huge potential for growth beyond just group and personal training – including management, marketing, program development and more.  


What advice would you give to an FPTI graduate seeking a job in the health and fitness industry as a new personal trainer/group instructor?

My advice is to always keep bettering yourself at your craft, regardless of your stage of development. As well, always be willing to share what you know.


Great advice, there. There is always more to learn, and developing others will pay back dividends in the long run.

Thanks, Rafique!

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