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Connecting Across the Miles Through Education

by Meaghan posted January 4, 2017

Anyone who knows the Focus brand knows that trainer education is at the core of what we do. We run a state-licensed vocational school (Focus Personal Training Institute) in NYC and we often hire the top students who come through our doors to work for Focus – including recent addition, Eri Miyasaka:


That’s Eri with Chip Conrad at his facility, BodyTribe Fitness, in the San Francisco area, where Eri moved after graduating from FPTI. She met Chip when he and the Mental Meatheads came all the way to FocusNYC in September for a fantastic two-day workshop. (More about that HERE.) We always say it’s a small world in this field and this is why!

BTW, Chip has a new book out, called, ‘Are You Useful?’


I just started reading it so I’ll let ya know how it turns out!

And just to show you how small a world it really is, Dave Hall of Agoge Fitness Systems in Alabama, who put together that same workshop, connected with another of our trainers, Victoria Jaime, while here. Turns out they’re from the same area and, when she went back home over the holidays to visit family, she got to visit and learn more from Dave. Very cool to hear about where the name ‘Agoge’ came from! (If you’re interested, hit us up with a comment and we’ll tell ya.)

Another recent addition to our Focus California team is Brendan Krueger, pictured below with the legendary Todd Durkin.


Most of our followers from the fitness industry know of Todd; he’s a pretty big name presenter and quite coveted for his motivational skills. He runs a great facility in San Diego called Fitness Quest 10, where Brendan interned and learned a ton about coaching, program design and motivation.

We couldn’t ask for better local mentors for our west coast crew!

It’s always great to connect with like-minded individuals – both locally and afar – and education is the glue that keeps us close!

We’re looking forward to the continued expansion of the Focus name and of fitness education, and we hope you’ll join us in the journey!


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