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Why New Year’s Resolutions Ultimately Fail

by Meaghan posted December 28, 2016

If there’s one profession that knows about New Year’s resolutions, it’s fitness.


Every January, personal trainers, group fitness instructors and employees of gyms around the globe enjoy (suffer?) a flock of newcomers who swear that ‘This is the year!’ that they’re going to get in shape.

Yet, come mid-February, gyms are no busier than any other time of year. So what gives?

Well, I’ve been in this industry for about 12 years now and what I’ve come to realize is that mostĀ people set New Year’s REsolutions without ever coming up with SOLUTIONS in the first place. That is, they never reflect upon the issues that got them in their predicaments in the first place and they never write down an actionable plan to address their problems. They justĀ “resolve” to achieve a new end – and this simply doesn’t work.

Losing weight, for example, is an outcome. And while often very well-intended, outcomes are not likely to come to fruition unless we also create step-by-step plans to achieve them – which is why most of the hopes, dreams and wishes we have in January remain just that.

So this year, do me a favor: On January 1st, come up with a New Year’s SOLUTION for whatever you hope to accomplish in 2017. Instead of a resolution, write down a plan of action. If you stay the course, the results will take care of themselves and you’ll finally be successful in sticking to your “New Year’s Resolution.”

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