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by Meaghan posted December 21, 2016

First, happy holidays! Hope all of our family, friends, alumni and community are enjoying the festivities of the season.

As we wrap up another year and embrace a time for reflection, it only seems fitting to take a look back at some of our highlights of 2016, and a look ahead at what’s to come in the New Year.


In the last 12 months, Focus has graduated FOUR more large classes and gotten nearly ALL of our students jobs; won TWO Starting Strength meets (AND a NATIONAL title) with more alumni than ever competing; expanded the service area for its personal training services to include the west coast; revamped its PT6 small group training program to better meet the needs of its members; and hosted education events with big names like DAN JOHN and Dr. Mike Jones – who had amazing feedback about our students and staff with regards to their performance in his Medical Exercise Specialist Training (MEST) program:

“Hi folks. I’m going through and catching up on MEST quiz submissions. As I go through these, I can identify students that really get it as opposed to those who aren’t as understanding. Consistently, your employees and former Focus students are some of our best.”

Needless to say, it’s been a pretty good year!

Which, of course, begs the question, ‘What’s next?’


Well, one of our big goals for 2017 is to bring more continuing education workshops to our community. And while this is actually quite a process given that, as a state-licensed school, we’re under a lot of constraints by the State Department of Education…we’re up to the task and confident that we’ll get this project underway this year.

SO, our question to you is, ‘What would you like to learn more about?’

We know nutrition is always a popular vote, so that’s definitely on the horizon. We have some other courses in the works as well, but we know our biggest audience is our alumni – so we’re giving you a call to action!


Focus Alumni: What courses would you come back to FPTI to take?

Leave a comment and let us know so that we can continue to meet your needs and see you all back at the stomping (lightly) grounds!

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