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Focus Goes West!

by Meaghan posted November 22, 2016

You read right: The Focus brand has made its way to the west coast! We now have trainers in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, and recently held our first continuing education workshop for the California crew at Horn Strength and Conditioning.


Under the supervision of Focus Personal Training Manager, Ryan Heffernan, FocusLA trainers Emmy and Josh (pictured above) had a refresher on the Starting Strength method of training, which is widely used by many of the Focus staff – including Ryan as well as our Starting Strength coaches: Brent Carter, Ryan Peller and Pete Troupos.

In fact, the FocusNYC team recently won their THIRD Starting Strength meet in a row!


Congrats, team!

As for the workshop, some of the highlights include an introductory lecture on the General Adaptation Syndrome (i.e., the body’s response to stress), how this pertains to the rationale behind the Starting Strength method of training, a full layout of the program, and some additional considerations for men vs. women as well as different populations.

Here are some insights from Josh:

“It was very helpful to learn valuable new cues and I was excited to use what I learned with some of my clients the following week. Probably the most important thing I walked away with was a newfound appreciation for how important training for raw strength is (as opposed to more superficial goals). Having adequate strength is what’s going to give people the best quality of life; plus, all that other superficial stuff is much more easily attainable after developing a good amount of strength.

The SS method is simple, and simple is good when it comes to adherence. It’s also quite effective. It’s funny that sometimes we have to fight people on sticking to the basics when it comes to training, as the media inundates us with fitness fads and ideas that aren’t necessarily effective.

Overall, the workshop was a great experience! I’m hoping to visit Horn S&C again soon, as I decided to start doing a Starting Strength progression myself a few days after the workshop.”

Emmy had similar feedback:

“I walked away with a great refresher on proper form and giving my clients a good foundation to build upon as we progress forward with their movements. If people perfect the basics of the squat, deadlift, press and bench press, then they can conquer any variation of these movements. It was great to see this simplified in a manner that most people will understand very quickly. I’ve adjusted some of my cues accordingly and have seen amazing results already!”

Great work from Horn Strength and Conditioning and the FocusLA team!

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