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Dan John and Chip Conrad Take on NYC!

by Meaghan posted September 27, 2016

This past weekend, FPTI had the honor of hosting the Mental Meatheads and learning from industry legends Dan John and Chip Conrad.


Dan and Chip shared their many years of knowledge and practice with us in a manner that was both enjoyable and immediately applicable. Some highlights from Dan’s talk on Saturday include the importance of “shark habits” (i.e., simple, bite-sized principles that take the problem of too many choices off the table) and “pirate maps” to navigate training and promote on-going change; strategies for longevity (e.g., walking, fasting, coffee and wine); and, of course, programming musts: Push, pull, hinge, squat, get-up and loaded carries.


But this recap doesn’t do Dan justice by far; the way he weaves in stories and anecdotes to highlight his points is what makes him an incredible presenter. Despite the fact that the room was filled with trainers who typically don’t like to sit still for very long, I think we could’ve sat and listened to Dan for hours more.

Chip got us moving around on Sunday with some of his favorite rolling patterns.


We definitely had fun and learned how to take people back to the place where movement all started: On the ground. Chip has a great philosophy, emphasizing the importance of training skills and teaching movement versus the typical approach of just making people tired through (and tired of!) exercise. He finds a nice balance of purpose and play when training clients, and also when training himself. In fact, we took our eyes off him for just a second and next thing we knew he was swinging around like a monkey on the scaffolding on 27th street!


I think he had even more fun jumping rooftops and climbing up the water towers.

Needless to say, these guys did a great job (to no surprise) and we all woke up a little smarter on Monday morning.

BIG thanks to Dave Hall and the Mental Meatheads for bringing their workshop to NYC!



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