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5 Essential Interview Tips

by Meaghan posted September 8, 2016

Well, we’re getting ready to wind down yet another class here at FPTI. I can hardly believe it’s been 5 years since we started! Classes have continually grown and, by now, we’re sending A LOT of prospective trainers out into the field. Our improved career services are largely to thank for our increasingly high job placement rates, including the recent addition of mock interviews in our curriculum.

I ran the following post a while back but it seems fitting to run it again now as many of our students are currently interviewing – either for actual jobs or for their second semester internships. SO, here are a few tips from Focus Integrated Fitness employers, Joe Masiello and Gabe Valencia, and FPTI Placement Coordinator, Brent Carter, on how best to prepare for interviews:

1. Make a good first impression. Your potential employer is assessing whether you are a good candidate before you ever open your mouth. What does your posture say about your confidence? Do you have a warm smile? Are you dressed appropriately? Do you have a firm handshake? Make sure you start off on the right foot by asking yourself these questions.

2. Do your research. Do some digging and find out about the company. This not only shows initiative but attention to detail. It says you have a vested interest in the company and are likely to work hard for it.

3. Be concise. Listen to the questions and answer thoughtfully in a quick, honest fashion. There are few things worse than an interviewee who goes off on a tangent and rambles about things that are not relevant.


4. Provide qualifying examples. Saying you deal with stress well or that you have excellent time management skills is great, but if you don’t have specific examples to back your claims, you sound like every other interviewee. Provide qualifying statements for your claims, like, “I juggled the FPTI Master Course Advanced Concepts material, a part-time job and an internship all at once, so 14-hr. work days are really no big deal to you.”

5. Ask great questions. Interviewers love questions that show you’ve done your homework and are interested in learning more about how you can contribute to the company. For example, “Can you give me some examples of the most desirable aspects of the company’s culture?”


Note to alumni: Be sure to keep us posted on your success! We’d love to celebrate with you your first client, your first job or perhaps even a promotion – so stay in touch!

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