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To Change or Not to Change…Your Warm-up?

by Meaghan posted April 20, 2016

This week, a new class of FPTI students is learning how to use the warm-up component of initial training sessions with potential clients to assess their movement capabilities (more on that HERE), along with some mobility strategies to address what they see.

And while the students (and trainers in general) spend ample practice time conducting dynamic warm-ups with the goals of increasing core and tissue temperature and range of motion, and preparing the neuromuscular system for the workout to come, an often overlooked aspect of warming up is the information it gives us – not only about movement, but also about mental state.

mental fitness

For this reason, I’ve always been a fan of maintaining a consistent routine in a warm-up – for both myself and clients.

To be clear, I don’t just mean consistently warming up. We all know that we should do this. Rather, I’m referring having a set warm-up routine that you don’t deviate from, and that really serves to prepare your mind for the challenge of pushing your body through your workout.

Sure, we still need to get somewhat specific to the workout at some point, so this routine may be only PART of your overall warm-up. Still, I’ve always found that starting a workout with a set routine that has been so ingrained that it requires no thought whatsoever triggers an association with the fact that a physical challenge is about to take place and allows both the body and mind to fully prepare for it.

I’m curious as to what others think about this, though. And if you haven’t thought about it at all, what are your thoughts now??

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