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Student-turned-Employer Spotlight: Carter Berry, Equinox

by Meaghan posted March 29, 2016

Carter Berry is one of a select few Focus alumni who has grown from top trainer to manager in a well-respected setting, and in a matter of just a few years.


Carter Berry


Read on to find out how his FPTI education helped pave his path and why he now seeks out Focus alumni to work for him.

How did your FPTI education accelerate your growth and development with Equinox?

I felt prepared to blaze right through Tier 1 Foundations classes because Focus already introduced me to all the material. Passing the exams was a breeze, including my certification exam. Having already learned a system of assessment processes as well as program design, learning the Equinox system was easy and training clients felt natural.


What was the biggest lesson from Focus that helped you transition to being an Equinox trainer?

Personal training may be a one-on-one business, but collaboration within a team environment is essential to your success. Use the group work for practice!


What is it about FPTI students that makes them preferred hires for Equinox Managers like yourself?

FPTI graduates have a great handle on exercise science so they are able to seamlessly transition into career trainers at Equinox. The FPTI curriculum is curated so it is much easier for them to apply the sciences even as new trainers.


What opportunities are unique to Equinox and why would FPTI students want to work for you?

Equinox has advanced, compensated, in-house continuing education. I feel that being surrounded by a team of educated fitness professionals is essential to a personal trainer’s development, and Equinox provides that opportunity. Equinox is a great place to collaborate and learn from your peers in a supportive environment, much like students experience at FPTI.


What advice would you give to an FPTI graduate seeking a job in the health and fitness industry?

Always seek to learn more. A Focus education sets the stage, but you should always have a new book to read, seminar to attend or other educational opportunity to enhance your skill set and further your personal development.


What advice would you give to a new hire as a personal trainer in a commercial gym setting?

Keep your schedule as open as possible. The more time you can spend networking in the gym, the more opportunities you’ll have to make connections, learn from senior trainers and build your business.


Great advice from a GREAT alum! Thanks, Carter!



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