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Employer Spotlight: Bonita Porte, Energetic Juniors

by Meaghan posted February 4, 2016

We recently interviewed Bonita Porte of Energetic Juniors.


Here’s what she had to say about FPTI grads:

Q. What is it about FPTI students that makes them great employees?

A. I have had several FPTI graduates work for me as independent contractors and they have all exhibited extensive knowledge as well as a thirst to continue learning. Most EJ trainers obtain youth fitness certifications and/or have additional education in training children.


Q. What opportunities are unique to Energetic Juniors that entice trainers to want to work for you?

A. A well-established in-home personal training business that is celebrating 20 years! Trainers must have experience working with kids but, for those who do, we offer a unique experience to truly make a difference in children’s lives. To help kids get hooked on physical activity that excites them or to help young athletes learn to listen to their bodies and play sports injury-free can be incredible rewarding. Our mission is to inspire children and adolescents to enjoy making physical activity an integral part of their lives by enabling them to experience the pleasure, self-esteem and confidence that comes with being fit and active.

EJ trainers all also work in other gyms, coach and/or own private practices and are still able to work for EJ during their other available times. As independent contractors, our trainers simply let me know what time slots they have open after school and/or on weekends.


Q. What advice would you give to an FPTI graduate seeking a job in the health and fitness industry as a new personal trainer?

A. Don’t think you are an expert with every population or that you will connect with everyone. Having the knowledge vs. the passion to work with children, for example, or seniors, makes all the difference in both your effectiveness as a coach and your job satisfaction. Sure, it’s great to be adaptable, especially when you’re starting out. But if you don’t love working with children (or seniors), don’t. You have to be present when you train and your clients will always be able to tell if you’re not. Love what you do and you’ll build your client base because you’ll connect with people.


Great advice. Thanks, Bonita!

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