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Employer Spotlight: Interview with Josh Feldman of Crunch Fitness

by Meaghan posted October 8, 2015

FPTI Student Placement Coordinator, Brent Carter recently sat down with Crunch Fitness District Manager, Josh Feldman.



Read on to see what Josh had to say about FPTI students and working for Crunch:

Brent Carter: Thank you for meeting with me today, Josh. Why don’t you first tell me a little bit about yourself: Your background, how you got to where you are today and what you do now.

Josh Feldman: I’m currently a District Manager at Crunch. I oversee eight of our downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn clubs with about 160 trainers. I actually started with Crunch as a client, probably 30-40 pounds overweight with a good amount of back pain. In real estate, I couldn’t sit at a desk anymore, so I went to personal training school (somewhere similar to FPTI but obviously not as great). I said, “Let me learn the business and become a trainer. My trainer in the past really helped me.”

My first paycheck as a new trainer was worth $16. I was about to shoot myself, but I said, “Alright, I’m really going to learn this business and hustle to make some money so I can climb the ladder.” I attended a bunch of workshops and picked up several certifications. I hit the floor, met new people, got in shape and became an Assistant Fitness Manager after about eight months. About 3-4 months after that I was a Fitness Manager.

I took over four clubs within about a year, two of them with the biggest clubs in the company.  In less than three years, I had grown into a District Manager. Now that Crunch is expanding, there are even more opportunities to grow – and I’m excited to see where I’ll be soon.

Brent: Awesome. And you’ve been coming to the FPTI Career Fairs for a while now, and have hired a number of our students as well. Tell me, what is it about the FPTI student that makes an attractive option for you as a District Manager?

Josh: Good question. FPTI students are definitely number one on the list for new hires at Crunch for a number of reasons. First, they actually want to be personal trainers. They’re not just stumbling through the business. They invest time, energy and money into their education, so we know that their knowledge of exercise science is above and beyond that of the average new hire. But I think their customer service is probably what really sets them apart. It’s their professionalism, their enthusiasm, the way they shake hands and make eye contact. You guys hit all the angles: Sales, science and service. You’ve got professionalism and good people.  So far, every FPTI student that we’ve brought on at Crunch is just a really great person. Good people will make it with our company.

Brent: Great. And on the other side of that coin, what opportunities are unique to Crunch and why, specifically, would our students either seek internships or employment with your organization?

Josh: Good question. I think the first question I get is usually, “What are you guys looking for?” I always say that we’re looking for good people, so if you’re a good person, you can make it work. Now, what are we looking for? We’re looking for people who have an obvious a passion for fitness and an enthusiasm for the science, but you’ve got to be full-time. You have to work really hard with us. Most importantly, you’ve got to be really driven from the learning perspective.

Continuing education is what we’re looking for most, and we provide several opportunities for it. We host a variety of workshops that we’ve opened up to the FPTI family: Current students, interns and alumni. So with that and our discounts (that we also extend to Focus students and trainers), there’s no reason why our trainers shouldn’t be taking courses regularly. If you want to stand out in this industry and continue to better yourself, well, we value this most.

We also do pay well, but I don’t think that’s why people come to us. Our culture is extremely strong. Very powerful teamwork goes on with all the science and education right there. Did that answer your question?

Brent: Definitely. If you could sum up Crunch in three words, what would they be?

Josh: Hmmm, let’s go with: Fun, science and culture.

Brent: Love it. Fantastic. Thanks, Josh!

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