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Your Perspiration Has Power

by Meaghan posted September 2, 2014

Bet you didn’t know THAT!

What’s being done these days in exercise research is pretty cool. The latest endeavor: Turning sweat into fuel.


That’s right: Scientists at the University of California at San Diego are working on a device that uses the lactate (a byproduct of the metabolic process known as glycolysis, where carbohydrates are broken down for fuel) generated during intense exercise and present in your sweat to create an electrical current. You can read more about it HERE.

In short, the device comes in the form of a temporary tattoo embedded with a battery that senses lactate and uses its electrons to generate power:



Granted, the current produced from lactate is small, but researchers are hoping to find a way to enhance it and eventually power devices like heart rate monitors and even phones.

The best part is, the more intense the exercise, the more lactate you produce – so the implications to motivation and sustaining exercise intensity for longer periods of time in order to power a device could be pretty big (i.e., better workouts for many exercisers).

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