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Focus Powerlifting Team Gets 10 PRs!

by Meaghan posted July 16, 2014

This past weekend, FPTI sent a team of six out to Merrick, Long Island to compete in the RPS Powerlifting meet at CrossFit Strong…and we returned home with a TEAM total of 10 lifetime PRs! What’s even better is that everyone who competed got at least one PR, so it truly was a team effort.

Here are some videos:







And here are a couple more:



To sum up, FPTI Placement Coordinator Brent Carter pulled 445 in the deadlift; FPTI alum/Focus trainer (and birthday girl!) Jen McCombs pulled 190; FPTI alum/Focus trainer Ryan O’Connell-Peller got his 300-lb. squat and 225-lb. bench; and FPTI alum/Focus trainer Nick Gehling got a hat trick: PRs in ALL THREE lifts!!! FPTI alum Anthony Wan also hit PRs in the bench press and deadlift. And yes, Sam, FPTI Assistant Director/blog editor Meaghan Shea got a deadlift PR of 245 and 1st place in her weight class :). CONGRATS team!


Here are all of the final numbers:

  • Brent: 385 squat, 245 bench, 445 deadlift (TOTAL of 1,075 lbs.)
  • Nick: 350 squat, 230 bench, 405 deadlift (TOTAL of 985 lbs.)
  • Ryan: 300 squat, 225 bench, 335 deadlift (TOTAL of 860 lbs.)
  • Jen: 140 squat, 70 bench, 190 deadlift (TOTAL of 400 lbs.)
  • Meaghan: 185 squat, 117.5 bench, 245 deadlift (TOTAL of 547.5 lbs.)
  • Anthony: 310 squat, 210 bench,  315 deadlift (TOTAL of 835 lbs.)


It was really great to have so many of us there supporting one another. Way to deliver on those core values, team! Special thanks to Brent and Ryan for their coaching, both at the meet and at Barbell Club. BIG THANKS also to FPTI Director Joe Masiello, Office Manager Samantha Halpern, Focus trainer Jamie Carroll and FPTI alum Jayne Peyton for making the trip out to Long Island to cheer us on! I am really proud of the team and feel privileged to be a part of it, and Brent said the same countless times over the weekend as well. Thanks to everyone who has helped us build something really great!

I was also really impressed with the sportsmanship across the board at the meet. Character comes out in the heat of competition and, while there were certainly a lot of strong people there, their strength of character stood out even more. It was a great experience overall and, for those of you who couldn’t make it, worry not: There is already talk of doing another one soon and we hope you’ll make it to that one!

In the meantime, if you are an FPTI alum, be sure to come back to Focus on Fridays at 3:45pm to train with us at Barbell ClubOr check out Brent and his coach Mike Wolf teaching THIS SQUAT SEMINAR around the corner at Titan fitness under the Starting Strength banner THIS Sunday, July 20th.

FPTI alum/Focus trainer Ryan Heffernan also deserves a shout out for pushing through a 5-mile (surprise!) Spartan race in Pennsylvania with his client, Harris Theophanus. 

It’s always great when trainers enter events with their clients for support. Now THAT is exceptional service! Way to stay true to our core values, too, Ryan :).



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