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Anthony Renna Comes to Focus!

by Meaghan posted July 29, 2014

Last Friday, Anthony Renna came down to present to the Focus staff and FPTI students on how he trains his golfers.

Most of you probably know Anthony as the voice of the Strength Coach Podcast, but he’s also a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer himself, as well as a really personable guy.

While he cites Mike Boyle and Gray Cook as his mentors, Anthony definitely has his own style and his own niche in the training world, and we all had a great time learning more about him and how he puts the Joint-by-Joint concept into practice in his semi-private programming – which, by the way, is applicable to pretty much any rotational sport athlete, not just golfers.

For those unfamiliar with the Joint-by-Joint Concept, it more or less says the following:

1) The body is comprised of a series of joints that are meant to be either primarily mobile or primarily stable, and these needs occur in alternating fashion along the kinetic chain;

2) Without the requisite mobility at the mobile joints (e.g., the ankle and hip), the body will compensate by gaining mobility at the stable joints above and below (e.g., the knee and lumbar spine), and vice versa; and

3) These movement compensations will continue along the kinetic chain, putting the joints at heightened risk of injury.



At FPTI, we strongly believe in the Joint-by-Joint concept and its application to training anyone. We use it as a framework even in our basic Theory and Application course, and it serves as a foundation for our students when learning how to address injuries with training during our Advanced Concepts course.

That said, Anthony’s presentation really hit home with both our current students and the experienced FocusNYC staff – most of whom are former students of our FPTI courses. It’s always nice to link up with like-minded people dedicated to improving the fitness industry, and Anthony’s enthusiasm in doing just this really showed.

Thanks again, Ant, and keep up the good work!

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