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Useful Tools or Just More Toys?

by Meaghan posted April 11, 2014

Founders of FocusNYC and Focus Personal Training Institute, Joe Masiello and Gabe Valencia – curious to see what the fitness industry has in store for us next – were lucky enough (kind of…) to make it out to San Diego last month for the annual IHRSA trade show. According to them, a Hungarian line of cardio equipment called Infrashape takes the cake for most useless, er…innovative equipment. Here are a few of the highlights:


A new twist on vibration training, this infrared total body vibration machine apparently also either tans you or melts away your fat with UV light (we can’t tell which.)



You may have heard foam rollers referred to as ‘the poor man’s massage;’ well, this is ‘the lazy man’s foam roller.’ Motorized and all. You just sit there.


We’re not really sure what this boat-looking contraption is…but apparently it burns 5,000 calories in 30 minutes.



You’ve heard of unicycles… You’ve heard of upper body ergometers… What do you get when you put them together? Apparently very excited, judging by this guy.



And then we have this Sproing machine… comprised of a mat and resistance band to simulate falling. Why we need a machine for this, who knows.


Anyone else make it out to IHRSA this year? I’m curious to see what other people thought and see more of our up-and-coming equipment.

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