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by Meaghan posted April 22, 2014

As you know, yesterday marked the 118th Annual Boston Marathon. But to the runners, spectators and anyone who has ever called Boston home, it marked a much greater victory. Not only did the community pull together to rise above last year’s tragic bombings that stopped the race short, it came back bigger and stronger than ever.

More athletes competed – some 36,000 even.


More fearless fans came out to cheer them on.


And more hearts went out to those trying to make up for last year’s shattered dreams. I wish I could’ve been there with my friends, but I was supporting them and Boston 100% from the Big Apple!

New York has been through some tough times but, I do have to say, the strength, resilience and character of the Boston crowd is second to none, and I’m prouder than ever to have been raised a part of it.

You probably also know that 38-year-old American runner Meb Keflezighi won the men’s title – another great and timely victory on Patriot’s Day.

Meb won the New York City Marathon in 2009 and then hit a PR in NYC in 2010 – so it seems he’s only getting better with age.

Meb’s success really begs the question as to how much the adverse physical changes we typically attribute to “normal aging” – e.g., decreased strength, power, endurance, mobility, etc. – are actually due to age. In fact, we see the very same changes occur with increased sedentary behavior; we just don’t have a large enough sample size of people who don’t also decrease their physical activity as they get older to determine the true cause. So who’s to say we can’t get better with age and training? Meb and many others are living proof that we can, and are certainly an inspiration to many.

So here’s to getting faster and stronger with age. BostonStrong(er).

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