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The BEST Piece of Prospecting Advice I Can Give

by Meaghan posted March 20, 2014

As yet another semester winds down here at FPTI, we teachers are making extra efforts to get our students/soon-to-be personal trainers up to speed on how to gain a clientele quickly. Yesterday, we did a little role playing in attempt to hone the skill that new trainers dread the most: Prospecting.

By “prospecting,” we mean finding effective ways to talk to members on the gym floor in attempt to sell our personal training services without seeming pushy, invasive or annoying. So, we came up with a handful of potential scenarios trainers might encounter in the gym and appropriate strategies for starting a conversation. I have to say, our students did a great job in maintaining professionalism, exuding approachability and candor, and making sure their prospective clients knew their names.

One thing I noticed, however, was that just about all of them forgot to obtain the mock members’ names! And that leads me to my MOST IMPORTANT piece of prospecting advice for new trainers: If you obtain no other information from the people you approach, get their names! And then use them. Every time you see the person again, call him/her by name; it really goes a long way. As the saying goes, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Members want to trust that you care. They want to know that you’re friendly and that they are not just another potential source of revenue for you.

The point of prospecting is to begin building rapport with people, not to sell them on the spot – and remembering someone’s name in a gym full of hundreds of members is a great start to rapport. If you aren’t good with remembering names…well, get good at it. Start listening when people tell you their names. Repeat their names to yourself after they leave. Find associations or other ways to help you remember their names so that you can address them by name the next time they come to the gym – that in and of itself may spark a conversation that leads to a client.

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2 responses to “The BEST Piece of Prospecting Advice I Can Give”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well, that’s just good advice in any industry.
    On a separate topic – am I allowed to read these posts as a client? I feel like I’m peeking behind the curtain. 😉

  2. Meaghan says:

    Of course! I usually remember to change the viewer settings now when I write about you 🙂

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