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Carb-dense Foods at Most Meals?

by Meaghan posted February 20, 2014

If there is one consistent point of controversy in the health field right now, it’s carbohydrate intake. Read opinions found in major media publications or headlines like ‘Learning to Cut the Sugar,’ and you’ll probably find yourself on the low-carb bandwagon.


Not that low-carb diets don’t have their place or evidence to back up their efficacy; they do. Heck, even Precision Nutrition Founder, Dr. John Berardi, recommended only eating starchy carbs after exercise when fat loss was the goal until just recently.

But contrary to a lot of current dogma, going low carb isn’t the only way to be lean and healthy. Come to find out, in the long run, it may not be the best way either. In fact, Dr. Berardi recently revamped the 5 Habits that comprise his nutrition program to include CARBS at MOST meals rather than only after exercise.

At first, we here at FPTI thought it had to be a compliance issue. And while I still think compliance probably played a role in the change, THIS RECENT ARTICLE on the PN website does a fantastic job of also highlighting research on the physiological benefits of a more moderate carbohydrate intake.

In short, many hormonal alterations may occur with carb restriction, making fat loss and muscle gain harder to achieve and adverse health effects likely. The conclusion seems to be that a diet higher in complex carbohydrates is probably preferable for most people – especially those who are active.

Still, the change to the Precision Nutrition system will significantly alter recommendations made by PN Nutrition Coaches, including those at FocusNYC. It also slightly alters what we teach in our Nutrition Coaching for the Fitness Professional course at FPTI. But for nutritionists and trainers who have clients struggling to get results on low-carb diets – for compliance reasons or otherwise – it’s pretty good news, and it’ll be exciting to see both the response from clients AND from the field.

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