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Planet Fitness At Its Finest

by Meaghan posted January 19, 2014

The other day, we posted about an unfortunate incident that happened at CrossFit and some of the controversy that resurfaced as a result. Well, there is also another gym that’s been taking some heat lately, and for good reason…



I suppose a slogan like that is warranted for a gym that removes squat racks for being “too intimidating” yet has men with knives getting tased on the training floor:


I guess that’s what $10/month gets you.

Below is another ridiculous real-world Planet Fitness encounter as told by FPTI Master Course grad-turned Focus trainer, Nick Gehling:


First, 3 lunkheads are in a line in front of the unorganized DB racks all doing lateral shoulder raises next to each other. They all did more than 5 sets and did not let anyone get by to grab weights.

Shortly after… 2 scrawny teens doing 30-lb. biceps curls with the cable machine:

Me: Hey, are you only doing 30 lbs.?

Kid 1: Yeah, what’s up?

Me: Can you use the 30-lb. barbell so I can actually use the cable for a cable exercise?

Kids 1 and 2: What? 

Me: You do understand that what you’re curling right now and using the barbell is the same thing, right?

Kid 1: Yeah but we just did that.

Kid 2: I don’t know. 

Me: Are you two kidding me? This makes no sense, you know that? How much longer am I waiting for you clowns?

Kid 1: A couple more sets man!

They proceed to do about 4 more sets each and then change the implement to do triceps pulldowns, while both actual triceps pulldown stations are vacant…


Nick and the rest of the crew at FocusNYC and FPTI are trying to raise the bar in fitness. Anyone else care to join us?!


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2 responses to “Planet Fitness At Its Finest”

  1. Jennifer says:

    It sounds like the kids were just following the advice contained in your favorite video and using the equipment in absurdly inappropriate ways. They probably also returned ridiculous things to the lost and found!

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