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A Day in the Head of a Marathon Runner

by Meaghan posted November 1, 2013

After being cancelled last year due to Hurricane Sandy, this weekend marks the first Annual New York City Marathon in two years. For most who never jumped on the distance running bandwagon, you’re probably thinking, ‘Those people must be crazy!’


Well, here’s what goes on in the head of a runner training for the marathon (thanks to FPTI student Jen McCombs for sharing her thoughts):


Mile 1…why do I have to do this today….this sucks…19 more to go? Kill me now….mile 2, over that fast? Ok…mile 3-10…this isn’t so bad….wow, it’s gorgeous out….I feel good! I feel fast!….WHY DON’T I DO LONG RUNS EVERYDAY!?…Running is so awesome! …mile 10, I have so much to do, I want this to be over..mile 11-12, where has my mind been? How did I not get hit by a car?..mile 13 , OMG, 3 weeks from now I have to do DOUBLE this amount??? Kill me! Mile 14-16… I’m ok, my legs are still moving, I actually feel pretty good, I’m awesome! Mile 17, ok u got this, just a 5k left to run! Mile 18…KILL ME NOW! Mile 19, shoot me in the face…mile 19.5 one more right turn and I’m home, I am almost done!!!! 19.75….I want to die… 20! Yay! DONE!!!! That wasn’t so bad, I can’t wait to run 26.2!!!! Running is awesome!


And there you have it: Confirmed crazy :).

Good luck to Jen, as well as PT6ers Julia Colon, Louisa Brody and Meg Braun at the New York City Marathon this weekend!

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One response to “A Day in the Head of a Marathon Runner”

  1. Adrienne Lufkin says:

    Cute! I love it! Good luck everyone!

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