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Mobile Apps For Fitness Research

by Meaghan posted April 1, 2013

Because of the nature of their jobs, fitness professionals often have long days with little access to computers and come to rely on iPhones to stay connected to the world. They also tend to have some down time during those long days, and some choose to spend it getting smarter. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the advice to spend at least an hour a day on career-related reading.

But carrying books around all day can get cumbersome. Enter these mobile apps:

There are now apps for iPhones that allow you to search for fitness-related research via sites like iResearch, PubMed and Google Scholar. You can even get access to full text through some of them.


No joke – April Fool’s Day or other.

And when it comes time to get a new phone, here’s a really cool thing you can do with your old one: DONATE IT HERE and help provide meals to those in need while also doing your part to improve the environment – courtesy of fellow fitness professionals John Romaniello, Eric Cressey and Ben Bruno. Now that it’s an option, you’d be April foolish not to partake in such a worthy cause.

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