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Thank You Dr. Jones!

by Meaghan posted February 12, 2013

Wanted to send a big THANK YOU out to Dr. Michael Jones of AAHFRP for flying to NYC this past weekend to conduct the first Medical Exercise Specialist Workshop at FocusNYC!


Fortunately, Nemo the Nor’easter didn’t hit New York as badly as was predicted and Dr. Jones made it in safely from Texas.

For those unfamiliar with AAHFRP and the MES certification program, the aim is to “bridge the gap between health care and fitness.” But regardless of whether or not you plan to specialize in post-rehab training, today’s population is wrought with musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiovascular disorders. And as healthcare costs continue to rise, physical therapy treatment gets cut short – and personal trainers working with athletes and/or the general population are seeing these types of clients on a regular basis. MES is one of the few certification programs that adequately prepares trainers to take on the task through both thorough analysis of anatomy and injury mechanisms, as well as week-by-week protocols for over 60 medical conditions.

I took the certification myself about five years ago and it really solidified my understanding of how specific injury mechanisms influence exercise selection. Anytime I hear someone complain of low back or anterior knee pain, I still hear Dr. Jones’s voice on the MES videos… I am an audio learner, after all!

In any event, it is well worth the investment for all the applicable knowledge you’ll gain – so I hope you’ll check it out! HERE.

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