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Sports Rehab to Sports Performance

by Meaghan posted January 16, 2013

In case anyone hadn’t heard, Joe Heiler’s Annual Sports Rehab to Sports Performance Teleseminar kicked off last night with one of my favorite speakers: Dan John.

In addition to one of his big areas of focus – goal-setting (“The goal is to keep the goal THE GOAL!”) – Dan discussed progressions of our six basic movement patterns. Here’s a glimpse:


The interview is still up on the site, so definitely check it out HERE.

Here’s the rest of the line-up:

Interview #2 – Dr. Mark Cheng

Interview #3 – Diane Lee

Interview #4 – Mike Voight

Interview #5 – Dr. Evan Osar

Interview #6 – Jason Glass

Interview #7 – Robert Butler

Interview #8 – Neil Rampe

Interview #9 – Charlie Weingroff

Interview #10 – Dr. Mark Scappaticci

Interview #11 – Kelly Starrett


For more info, check it out HERE.

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