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Nike Flyknit

by Meaghan posted February 28, 2012

A big thanks to my fellow Focus trainer Brent for sending me THIS ARTICLE about the new Flyknit shoe from Nike:

Rumor has it that the Flyknit will make its debut at the 2012 Summer Olympics. With an innovative patchwork of yarn, cables and fabric, it aims to give athletes the comfort of a sock without sacrificing the stability and support of a high-tech shoe.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Nike gathered a team of programmers, engineers, and designers to build technologies capable of micro-level manipulation. With machines in place, designers could engineer exactly where they wanted to add structure and flexibility to the knit upper. The next step was figuring out what yarns and fabric variations to use, requiring what seemed like an “endless” amount of prototypes, Shaffer says. The team settled on a feather-light, high-quality polyester yarn of varying elasticity, durability, thickness and strength (and all softer than anything you’ll find at the bottom of your sock drawer). To provide structure, Nike Flywire supportive cables are weft into the knit. The cables loosen and contract with your foot, offering the comfort and ease athletes were looking for. A Lunarlon cushion sole completes the shoe.


Could easily replace the Nike Free, as well as a host of other shoes on the market that tried to capitalize on the barefoot running research.

Be on the lookout this summer!

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