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Exercise Can Beat the Obesity Gene

by Meaghan posted February 16, 2012

The recent discovery of the FTO obesity gene revolutionized the way we look at the human body, especially when it comes to weight. But maybe we shouldn’t have let it change our views quite so much…

THIS META-ANALYSIS shows that even if you have the FTO gene that predisposes you to obesity, exercise can reduce the effects of this gene in adults by as much as 30%.

We’re finding more and more that most conditions are the result of an interaction between genes and the environment. That is, the presence of a certain gene is required in order to have the condition, but that gene must still be turned on or off by some environmental factor (e.g., diet or exercise, or lack thereof…) in order for the condition to manifest itself. It appears the same is true of obesity.

While genetics and good nutrition will always be the backbones for healthy levels of body fat, exercise does play a significant role in the development of obesity in adults.

So make like Jeremy Lin and get moving!

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