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6 Websites Worth Browsing

by Meaghan posted May 24, 2010

I just realized we don’t have a blog roll on here! We’re working on it… In the meantime, if you like FitnessMASH and are finally sick of playing the Google Pac Man game, here are six other sites you’ll probably enjoy:


1. Mike Robertson is in the process of revamping his site and creating a more user-friendly layout. He’s done a great job this year of producing quality blog content, audio interviews and videos, including his newly-released DVD, The Single-Leg Solution.


 2. Leigh is another who has been really dedicated to her site lately, posting regularly, holding contests and answering questions on her podcast. She’s also built up her members-only section and has plans for further expansion. Aside from being a wealth of information, Leigh is more creative than most when it comes to topics and I highly recommend checking out her site.


3. Tonygentilcore.comTony is not only highly informative and a good writer, he’s one of the few other fitness bloggers out there who recognizes the value of entertainment. Training is supposed to be fun! Tony posts pretty much every day and there’s still never a dull moment.


4. Alan was a little late to hop on the blogging bandwagon, but he’s up and running now and posting some quality stuff. Much like Tony, he’s a knowledgeable guy with a witty style. He can get wordy at times, but he’s had my attention since this classic post.


5. Nick is another who is improving his new site. He’s got some unique training methods and is always happy to share his knowledge with demonstrative and explanatory exercise videos.


6. You probably know this one already. Mike Boyle’s site caters mostly to industry professionals and has a great selection of quality articles and videos from the brightest minds in the field. But there’s also a beginner’s forum, so anyone and everyone can learn something simply by browsing the site. You have to pay for this one, but the low price is well worth the investment.

Anyone have other recommendations?

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