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Time’s Up!

by Meaghan posted May 28, 2010

Well, it’s Memorial Day Weekend and you know what that means: Summer has (un)officially arrived and time’s up for fat loss!

But whatever your weight and whatever your plans, I hope you can at least relax and enjoy yourself for a few days.

As for me, I left NYC around 7:30 this morning, so I’m probably on the road as you’re reading. Hopefully, I’m fast asleep on the bus… I dragged my tired butt out of bed at 3:45am to go train a client before the long weekend because she didn’t want to miss her session. The things we do to keep people in shape! In all seriousness, I wish everyone were as dedicated as she’s been for the last three years. 

Anyway, here’s where I’m headed:

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Free Info?

by admin posted May 27, 2010

When I hear “free,” I’m pretty much there! Now, I’m not a cheap person per se… I like to think I’m “resourceful.” Sometimes I spend hours, days, even months researching a product before I invest in it. Kind of sad, but I want to know exactly what I’m buying and if there are better options. That’s the level of resourcefulness I have!

As I stated, I’m not cheap. I’m resourceful, and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on books, DVDs and seminars, and I’ve traveled several times for professional development. So when I found a simple way to save a few bucks I thought I’d share it with you.

But first, let me share the crazy, adventurous story that made this light bulb appear. The story has so many twists and turns that it makes the plot of Lost seem straight-forward.


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Vertical Core Training: Part 1 by Chris Kelly

by Guest Contributor posted May 26, 2010

When it comes to core training, one of the fundamental gaps I see in many programs is the failure to teach clients conscious abdominal control.

Whether we refer to this as a brace, hollowing or simply keeping the stomach muscles tight, the ability to actively contract the abdominals is essential to efficient movement, low back protection during daily activity, and keeping the stomach defined during photo shoots and figure shows. You or your client might be able to perform perfect straight-leg sit-ups and plank for minutes at a time, but the carryover into strength or definition in standing positions is minimal.


Aesthetics versus athletics: Why choose?

Many figure and fitness clients have come to me with a flawless diet and solid work ethic, but poor results in competitions due to a flat and/or soft appearance on stage. In an effort to bridge the gap between abdominal control on the floor and in standing, I have begun applying the concept of vertical core training with great success.

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6 Websites Worth Browsing

by Meaghan posted May 24, 2010

I just realized we don’t have a blog roll on here! We’re working on it… In the meantime, if you like FitnessMASH and are finally sick of playing the Google Pac Man game, here are six other sites you’ll probably enjoy:


1. Mike Robertson is in the process of revamping his site and creating a more user-friendly layout. He’s done a great job this year of producing quality blog content, audio interviews and videos, including his newly-released DVD, The Single-Leg Solution.


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by Meaghan posted May 23, 2010

Fat loss is the name of the game in fitness this week. We’re about to kick off the summer with Memorial Day Weekend and The Biggest Loser season finale is on Tuesday!


Nutritional factors aside, there’s always controversy surrounding the topic of training for fat loss, so it’s easy to see how people get lost in the info. 

High-intensity cardio intervals are great for boosting calorie burn, but certain forms cause orthopedic problems for some people while others find they lose muscle mass. But your body adapts too quickly to steady-state cardio, and you can easily undo this type of workout with one mishap in the kitchen. Strength training is top dog for increasing lean mass and metabolism to keep off weight long-term, but it doesn’t always help us shed fat as fast as we’d like.

We could incorporate all of the above methods into a balanced program…but then there wouldn’t be any time left to enjoy the summer! What to do?

Enter Cardio Strength Training by Robert dos Remedios.


In this follow-up to his first book, Men’s Health Power Training, Coach Dos takes interval training to the next level with the use of high-intensity weight-training complexes designed to stimulate muscle and torch fat. Even better, he utilizes several different forms of resistance – from barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells to bodyweight, suspension trainers, medicine balls and bands – to keep the stimulus fresh and give readers some leeway. The workouts are fast and effective, and fun enough to do that you might just forget you’re trying to lose fat.

Pick up a copy of Cardio Strength Training here.

Standing on the Flat Side of a BOSU is NOT RECOMMENDED

by Meaghan posted

One of the benefits of serving the in-home market is that you aren’t subjected to the crazy things that take place regularly in commercial gym settings. But recently, some of the trainers at FocusNYC have been staffing StayFit gym at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 42nd Street. I filled in for one of my coworkers on Friday and I couldn’t even believe what I saw.


Actually, it was worse than this because the fat guy was doing cable pushdowns on the BOSU while everyone else in the place was either jogging on a treadmill or slowly pedaling away on an elliptical machine… That’s right: While the cardio queens were wasting away their muscle, the one person who could actually benefit from simply moving more was wasting his time training his triceps atop a balance ball about to pop. What has this world come to?

I was a little distraught by the scene, but mostly I was trying not to laugh for fear I’d wet my pants… I grabbed a coffee on my way there only to find that there was no bathroom in the gym, and I couldn’t leave because I didn’t have a key to get back in (Michael, Jamie was right!!!). Plus, I was trying to help a more sensible older gentleman with a knee replacement stretch his hamstrings.

In any case, I was instantly reminded of this story about a woman who was awarded $1 million for the injuries she endured after falling off a BOSU. The case brought to light an often overlooked disclaimer written on the flat side of the dome: “Standing on this side is NOT recommended.”

You didn’t know it said that, did you? 

If you don’t believe me, next time you’re at the gym, flip a BOSU over to the flat side and see for yourself. Then, GET IT THE HECK OFF THE WEIGHT FLOOR!

Industry Interview: Chris Kelly

by Meaghan posted May 21, 2010

Today’s post is an interview with Chris Kelly, Owner and President of Peak Fitness in Lakeland, Florida.

Chris is an up-and-coming leader in the fitness industry and will soon be a contributing blogger here at FitnessMASH. Stay tuned for some GREAT posts from Chris, including one next week about the always HOT TOPIC of core training. 

In the meantime, we thought you’d like to know more about him. So, we did a little Q&A to give you a bit on his background. Here’s what he had to say:


Q. How did you get started in the fitness industry? 

A. My interest in fitness began at around age 13 when I was learning to lift weights in my garage with my Dad. A former college football player, he was always a role model to me as an athlete, so working out together seemed like the coolest thing in the world. (Now, if I could only get him to come to my gym and train!)

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Fast Fat Loss: How Fast is FAST?

by Meaghan posted May 19, 2010

Chris made a great point in Monday’s post about taking research at face value. Along similar lines, here’s a forewarning: This is a link to a new study (not yet published) concluding that FAST rates of fat loss not only result in greater total weight reduction than a more gradual approach, but are also more beneficial for long-term weight management than the slow and steady route.

I guarantee you’ll hear about this study elsewhere soon, probably from someone attempting to sell you a GET LEAN BY SUMMER! program or some advocate of The Biggest Loser. Just remember that you saw it here first! More importantly, remember what those other folks won’t tell you:

1. The study subjects were all obese.

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Critical Thinking

by admin posted May 17, 2010

The idea for this post originally came from an Industry Rant by Bret Contreras. A few days later, I read another great article by Todd Hamer called Critical Thinking????.

Basically, they talk about how a lot of people claim to be researched-based and yada yada yada…


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Hot Fuzz!

by admin posted May 16, 2010

Not the movie…

Hot Fuzz movie poster by evpl.

Everyone explains why stretching is important, and most people recognize that having good soft tissue quality is an integral part of staying healthy. But let’s go beyond the basics and look at why. Here’s Gil Hedley showing how things literally happen in the body.

Check out the fuzz:

One of our staff just got back from Gil’s cadaver class in New Jersey. She said it completely changed her life and the way she views the human body. After watching this video, I hope you at least make stretching and developing better soft tissue quality priorities in your exercise routine…