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Q&A: What Do I Do When My Clients Ask for Things They Can Do “On Their Own?”

by Meaghan posted October 24, 2014

I want to thank two exceptionally inquisitive students in our current Theory and Application class for inspiring me to write about this. Jennifer and Juan, thank you!

Thank you because I think this is a common concern for many trainers and isn’t always handled in a manner that serves anyone’s best interest – as we discussed yesterday – and this gives me a chance to offer some advice on the matter.

SO, what does it mean and what do you do when your client says, “Can you give me some things I can do on my own?”



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4 More Beneficial Things You Could Do in 4 Hours and 26 minutes Than Plank

by Meaghan posted October 9, 2014

I’m sure we’ve all heard by now about the new world plank record set by Mao Weidong: 4 hours and 26 minutes.


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5 Essential Interview Tips

by Meaghan posted October 3, 2014

Getting ready for an interview and need some advice? Here’s what Focus Integrated Fitness employers, Joe Masiello and Gabe Valencia, and FPTI Placement Coordinator, Brent Carter, suggest to prepare for your interviews:

1. Make a good first impression. Your potential employer is assessing whether you are a good candidate before you ever open your mouth. What does your posture say about your confidence? Do you have a warm smile? Are you dressed appropriately? Do you have a firm handshake? Make sure you start off on the right foot by asking yourself these questions.

2. Do your research. Do some digging and find out about the company. This not only shows initiative but attention to detail. It says you have a vested interest in the company and are likely to work hard for it.

3. Be concise. Listen to the questions and answer thoughtfully in a quick, honest fashion. There are few things worse than an interviewee who goes off on a tangent and rambles about things that are not relevant.


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Goodbye Comfort Zone

by Meaghan posted September 30, 2014

It’s been a busy few days at FPTI. On Friday we graduated an AMAZING group of students, one of whom left us without a dry eye in the room… Thank you, Dan Heenan, for speaking so kindly about our Faculty and your peers. You guys really were a special class and you’ll go far in this field!

summer 2014 master class

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Guest Post: Interning at Focus Integrated Fitness

by Meaghan posted September 17, 2014

Congrats to all the FPTI Theory and Application students who finished the course yesterday, and to our most recent cohort of Master Course students who are finishing up their internships and graduating next week!

FPTI  MC class


You guys are amazing, and you should all be VERY proud!

Today we have the first of many guest blog posts from our Master Course student-interns at FocusNYC. Here is what Nick Law-Yue (front and center in the picture above) had to say about his time interning with us this semester:

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Q&A: Should I Give My Clients Feedback?

by Meaghan posted August 20, 2014

Student nerves are high this week at FPTI as our Theory and Application class begins the first round of practical testing: Student assessments. Although this will be their first official practical testing grade of the semester, we’re nice in that we let them have a practice run on each other before we throw them in front of real clients next week.

student assessments

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Anthony Renna Comes to Focus!

by Meaghan posted July 29, 2014

Last Friday, Anthony Renna came down to present to the Focus staff and FPTI students on how he trains his golfers.

Most of you probably know Anthony as the voice of the Strength Coach Podcast, but he’s also a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer himself, as well as a really personable guy.

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Focus Powerlifting Team Gets 10 PRs!

by Meaghan posted July 16, 2014

This past weekend, FPTI sent a team of six out to Merrick, Long Island to compete in the RPS Powerlifting meet at CrossFit Strong…and we returned home with a TEAM total of 10 lifetime PRs! What’s even better is that everyone who competed got at least one PR, so it truly was a team effort.

Here are some videos:



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FPTI on the Today Show!

by Meaghan posted June 17, 2014

Check out FPTI featured on TODAY this morning!


And you can find the article HERE.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Getting Ready for Graduation at FPTI!

by Meaghan posted June 13, 2014

Between last week and the week to come, we here at FPTI will be putting our stamp of approval on A LOT of new trainers and sending them out into the field with the trust that they will represent the Focus name well by embodying our mission statement: To educate and develop personal trainers who demonstrate technical proficiency, integrity and professionalism.”

This is the first time in FPTI history that we will graduate THREE cohorts at one time: Both our full-time and part-time Theory and Application students will graduate at the end of this month, as will our full-time Master Course students.


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